Điều áp FM

The single-stage FM pressure regulators are designed for direct fitting on medical gas cylinders in the different reference standards.
They are equipped with single gauge to check the remaining contents of the cylinder or with double gauge to check and adjust the working conditions according to the user requirements. The FM type pressure regulators can be supplied with the calibration of the outlet pressure preset or adjustable through a knob.
The body is manufactured of chrome-plated brass, with a pre-calibrated overpressure safety valve to protect against any malfunction of the system. A protective silicone cover prevents gauges damage caused by possible shocks received during transport or use. Appropriate inlet connections are available for all the most commonly used medical gases, according to the various standards used in different Countries.
A special version, made for ambulances applications, fits a pressure gauge with electric signal 4-20 mA or 0.5-4.5 V output for the continuous monitoring of the supplied pressure and with system control panel interface.

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